Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Lighting of the Tree at The Green--December 5, 2012 Council Meeting

For years I have never understood why our DPW has spent weekends and holidays lighting the tree at The Green.  For a seemingly routine event, that we know is coming every year, why should we be utilizing overtime and holiday time?  So I decided to ask our Mayor, Council, and City Manager:

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At 7:45 of the video I especially like Mr. LoIacono's argument that the "scaffold" "lift" must be rented because there are certain areas of the tree that the bucket trucks (which the City owns and does not need to rent) can not reach.  Well.......

Which piece of equipment has a better "reach?"  The one we rent, or the one we own?

Mr. LoIacono made a few other points.  He said we only had the scaffolding device for a one week rental.  He also said (in an attempt to make me look wrong) that certain workers don't get holiday or overtime for the holidays of Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, or Election Day.  Both of these things I knew to be false.  But when I OPRA'd the documents that would show otherwise I wound up in court because I was denied access to the documents!  Well I prevailed and let's see what we learned..... 

So did we really only have the lift for 1 week? Did the men need to work those holidays because we only had the lift for 1 week? 

The invoice for the rental of the equipment, note the billed amount of $1999 and the 4 week rate of $1999

If so we should be looking to get money back from Hertz! Because we paid for a whole month!

Did the DPW workers not get overtime for Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, and Election Day?  Well after having to go to court to obtain the documents we have learned that not only were these men entitled to overtime for these days--THEY GOT 2.5 TIMES THEIR RATE OF PAY FOR THESE DAYS!!!

Below find excerpts from the Collective Bargaining Agreements which show that each of these days were holidays and that the rate of pay for those days is 2.5 times the worker's hourly rate.

Veteran's Day, Columbus Day, Election Day all look like holiday's to me

2 and 1/2 times rate for their time? WOOF that's a nice bonus!
Now my favorite part about this.... Mr. Melfi, in an attempt to "back up" Mr. LoIacono and make me look like the wacky gadfly who was wrong, off base, and out of school, agreed with Mr. LoIacono when he asked if I knew that these men did not get holiday pay for these holidays.  He said "no he doesn't know."  Well Mr. Melfi, who signed the collective bargaining agreement that says I was right?  Well sir....

Mr. Melfi was the Mayor when this collective bargaining agreement was executed, in fact he signed it!

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