Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Municipal prosecutor files incident report

In response to the April 7th scoop "Is the Coalition for Open Government backed by the "Zisa/Hurwitz Political Machine?" an incident report was left with the Hackensack Police reporting harassment (click here to view).

Richard E. Salkin, former City Attorney, current Municipal Prosecutor, and current counsel to the Board of Education, reported to HPD headquarters at 9:07 pm (April 7, 2013) to report that a picture of his home was published on the Hackensack Scoop.  Salkin reported that as Municipal Prosecutor he fears for the safety of himself, and his family, because his address and license plates were visible in the photograph.

The original photograph, as published on the Hackensack Scoop, does not display Salkin's home address, nor are the license plates of any automobiles in the driveway (therefore reasonably believed to be Salkin's) immediately visible.  HPD has advised that they confirmed with the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office that there was no illegality in the pictures posted by the Hackensack Scoop.  However, in a gesture of good faith, the license plates of any vehicles photographed were redacted by the Hackensack Scoop.

Hackensack Scoop questions the sincerity of Salkin's report as upon further investigation, it appears that Salkin is listed.  An internet search for "Salkin, Hackensack" did return his home address.  These search results are pictured below, redacting personal information, out of respect for Salkin's privacy.

The Hackensack Scoop is left only to wonder if this report was instead intended to harass, intimidate, or otherwise stymie Gelber in the same manner as [Gelber believes] a defamation suit filed [by Salkin against Gelber] in July 2012 stemming from a May 2012 letter to the City Council was.

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