Monday, April 8, 2013

The City of Hackensack does things Backwards

The rear of the building is currently being used to house the building department (which is faced with its own troubles) while the Anderson Street side of the building displays signs that would lead one to believe it is a Boys and Girls Club and a substation of the Hackensack Police Department.  I am told that the building houses vehicles and old city files.

89-91 Anderson Street 
The Building Department (rear of 89-91 Anderson Street--410 E. Railroad Avenue)
From the outside, the building is uninviting and even in disrepair.  See below the damage and staining to the facade and the debris left in the parking lot.

Garbage and debris left in the parking lot
The building facade is damaged and stained
What is funny about this building is that although the address is 89-91 Anderson Street. The building displays the numbers 91-89 Anderson Street.  

The entrance to 89-91 Anderson Street is marked 91-89 
This was brought to Mr. LoIacono's attention at a January 2012 council meeting.  I have not been able to identify one other building in this city that displays numbers in a descending and not ascending order.  I immediately thought that maybe the city was trying to start a trend.  However, upon further research I noted that by ordinance properties must display street numbers in conformity with the tax map.  See section of the City Code below.

The section of the City Code that dictates the display of numbers on buildings (click to enlarge)
If the city were trying to start a trend, it would not catch on fast.  Property owners would (I hope) not want to be in violation of a city ordinance.  Below please find the section of the city code that dictates the procedures for correcting improperly numbered buildings.

The section of the City Code that dictates remedy for incorrect display of numbers on buildings (click to enlarge)
In the minutes of the meetings that this building was addressed (previously linked throughout this article) the building was referred to as 89-91 Anderson Street.  In the tax record the building is referred to as 89 Anderson Street (pictured below).  Whichever way is correct, neither of them are displayed on the building.

The tax record for 89-91 Anderson Street
Tax records are accessible at:


  1. This building is disgusting. The city owns this, if it were any other person it would be cited!

  2. heard there is an office with a cozy sofa that female H Cops performed on.

  3. Strange! City should address it properly.