Friday, April 12, 2013

UPDATE: Candidate for council suspected of removing opposition's campaign lawn signs


YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: As previously reported this afternoon, the Hackensack Police were on scene investigating the removal of a campaign sign for the "Citizens for Change" ticket at the Hackensack Market.  Such would seem to be a relatively benign disorderly persons occurrence, not worthy of breaking news, however the suspect is identified as retired detective and candidate Kenneth Martin.

Council Candidate and retired HPD detective Kenneth Martin
The complainant Leonardo Battaglia, candidate of the "Citizens for Change" ticket, shares with the Hackensack Scoop that he called the Hackensack Police to report candidate Kenneth Martin removed the signs.  He was on scene as the investigation was being conducted and he reports that the police confirmed, to him, that the suspect was seen on a recording removing the sign.

I subsequently spoke with Emil Canestrino, of the campaign management team for the "Citizens for Change," who advised that he and Leonardo Battaglia have been in contact with the detectives working the case and they will be signing a complaint first thing in the morning.  Canestrino notes that this matter is "outrageous as a retired officer and candidate for council should know better than to partake in these childish antics." Canestrino also noted that he will be reporting the matter to the State Election Board.  Battaglia went on that "a candidate running under the principles of 'honesty, integrity, and leadership,' (as seen on their website and campaign literature) should be campaigning with a higher level integrity."

Hackensack Scoop spoke with the HPD tour commander Lt. Timothy Lloyd who did not provide any further information.  He advised that he would not disclose the suspect's name and referred the police director or public information officer for further comment.  He also advised that the blotter could not be reviewed outside of "Monday to Friday, 9 to 5."  A call for comment to Director Mordaga has not been returned as of the time of publishing this story.

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