Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where's the baseball?

Hackensack's Opening Day was slated for Saturday, April 13.  The weather could not have been more cooperative, the sun peaked in and out all day with temperatures near 60 degrees.  But where was the baseball?

In an email, the Hackensack Scoop was advised that the Opening Day festivities were postponed until Saturday, April 20, due to flooding on the fields at Foschini Park.

The fields at Foschini Park had only small puddles on Saturday, April 13
In the last three years the City Council has appropriated at least $1,850,000 for upgrades, regrading, drainage, and other improvements to Foschini Park.
  • In June 2010 the council authorized the issuance of $650,000 in bonds for a continuation of the "Riverfront Walkway Project" at Foschini Park
  • In September 2010 the council authorized the appropriation of $1,000,000 for various improvements to Foschini Park.  $950,000 of this appropriation was raised through bonding.  Mr. LoIacono stated that with these funds two fields would be realigned and drainage issues would be addressed.
  • As per a change order authorized by the council in January 2011 there was at least $266,000 spent on drainage improvements.
  • In November 2011 the council authorized the allocation of $200,000 from a county grant to be spent on improvements in Foschini Park.
It would appear that the City Council had made valiant attempts, at the taxpayers expense, to correct flooding issues at Foschini Park--Howard Hughes also made valiant attempts (near $25,000,000 in 1940's dollars) to make the "Spruce Goose"fly.  [A note--I do note take issue with spending money to improve our parks for our recreation department or residents.  What I do however take issue with is wasteful spending, or spending that I do not believe is well planned or meaningfully done.] Let me ask you, the taxpayer, with all the Army Corps of Engineers do you think that you can correct the flooding issues at a park that is at sea level and abuts a tidal river?  It would appear that Steve LoIacono and the council just continues to chase their tails, here we are nearly $2,000,000 in improvements later with "Opening Day" being cancelled on account of 0.49 inches in rainfall!

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  1. The extended forecast is predicting rain for Fri 4-19 and Sat 4-20. Hope the season gets started.