Monday, May 13, 2013

Call to post in the 2013 Hackensack Stakes, a preview of the field

In just 24 hours there will be eleven running in the 2013 Hackensack Stakes, it is time "The Scoop" gives a preview of the race.   Few sports fluctuate as much as politics, but the powerhouse Zisa Stables have dominated the Hackensack Stakes for decades.  This year however, the stakes--as they should be--are anyone's for the grabbing.  This year, we have just one who has won a stakes race, a few seasoned veterans who have always come up short, and even more first timers to the stakes.  With all the rain of the past few weeks it is sure to be a sloppy one, mud will be kicked up all over.  Let's take a look at the field....

John LaBrosse
Kathy Canestrino
Dave Sims
Rose Greenman
Leo Battaglia
Kenny Martin
Jason Nunnermaker
Joanne Mania Colon
Joseph Barreto
Scott Young
Victor Sasson

On line one we have the driving horse, John LaBrosse.  LaBrosse, is one of the crowd favorites.  It is hard to distinguish the grooms from LaBrosse's trainer, he is sometimes seen chasing after anyone holding the carrot.  So long as the bridle is in place, this one will perform.

On line two we have the dam, Kathy Canestrino.  She is well conditioned having been hot walked for the past four years.  She doesn't like the slop, we'll see if she can power through.

On line three we have Dave Sims.  A quiet one with a gentle nicker he slipped into the field during roundup, many are wondering how he made his way to the stakes.  He is saddled on the paddock and with a look of fury in his eyes he is ready to race, heck you can't win it if you ain't in it.

On line four we have the mare, Rose Greenman.  Having been held in the stables too long, she suffers quite a case of weaving.  We hope that she can maintain her lane through the duration of this race.

On line five we have the veteran of the field, Leo Battaglia.  Battaglia is no newcomer to stakes races having come up short in a few big ones.  Having suffered laminitis that many thought was the end of his racing career, there is rumor he is coming out of retirement to plug a hole in the field.  We will see if he has the stamina to make it to the 10th furlong of this race.

On line six we have the stallion, Kenny Martin.  Martin, a favorite since entering the stakes, has a controversial history having come under fire of late in a suspected case of doping.  The crowd was far from surprised as Martin's trainer, Zisa Stables, has been the subject of controversy for years.  [disclaimer for all you litigious folk: in this instance doping would be a satirical way of alleging an attempt to gain an illegal unfair advantage by removing lawn signs, not illicit drug use]

On line seven we have the get, Jason Nunnermacker.  Good bloodlines here but this horse is not it's sire.  Having won his first stakes race last year many suggest he may have ran too hard in his juvenile season.

On line eight we have Joanne Mania Colon.  With more than twenty years of training at the Zisa Stables, Joanne is an upper-level dressage competitor who is ready to show her stride in this, her first, stakes race.  

On line nine we have the show hack, Joseph Barreto.  Well disciplined and presentable, he is the product of good grooming.  After this race he'll certainly need a good grooming, we'll see how he fairs here in the slop.

On line ten we have Scott Young.  Young is suspected of suffering a case of stringhalt, despite concerns his master let him out of the stable, but not without ensuring a good branding so that even if he gets a little lost, someone can bring him back home.

On line eleven we have the bronc, Sasson.  The outlaw horse was a little sour as he was being saddled on the paddock.

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