Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coalition to keep Zisa in power

First, let's just get this out of the way.  If anyone was wondering if Lynne Hurwitz was working for the Coalition for Open Government.  Head down to 316 State Street, she is at campaign headquarters.

Now, this evening I had the distinct pleasure of showing up to the polls shortly before former Mayor Jack Zisa.  As I came out of the polls and conversed with fellow voters about the issues plaguing our city (thanks for most of those issues, Zisa's), I found Jack Zisa offering some words of encouragement to candidates Nunnermacker and Young (who were also receiving pats on the back from Zisa backed candidates for BOE Albolino and Hoffman).

Shortly after my taking this picture, Jack Zisa approached me to tell me that he did not like having his picture taken.  I informed him that he was standing on a public street and that as such I was well within my rights to take his photograph and even to post it at my website www.hackensackscoop.com.  He agreed that I was within my rights.  I went on to apologize that my taking his photograph offended him.  He answered me by informing me that I was "rude" and "immature."  I told him that his opinion was noted and appreciated, as all opinions should be, however my opinions are just as valid and that I will continue to share them with the more than 450 unique visitors that come to my website every day.  I again apologized that my opinions and my taking his picture offends him, I provided my contact information and invited him to contact me directly should he ever wish to discuss anything I publish, I would be sure to consider "his side" as I write my stories. 

I would consider my words, my offering of my apology that my opinions offend him, and even my offering to have further dialogue regarding matters as gentlemanly gestures.  I then extended my hand, thanked Mr. Zisa for his opinions and wished him a good evening.  Mr. Zisa's response?  He left my hand extended and told me that he "had no reason to shake my hand."  Who is rude and immature now, Jack?

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  1. Was he with Fat Face and Fredo ?