Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hackensack Police have a new look

Don't be surprised tomorrow when you see officers sporting navy blue shirts with their uniforms.  Those will be Hackensack Police Officers, not the now common Sheriff's Officers that have been riding along with the HPD for two weeks, driving those police cars.  

Hackensack officers have worn light blue shirts for near fifty years.  The change brings with it new hats and badges as well.


  1. $40,000 for this crap. This money could have been used on overtime.

  2. Really???? That is buttons, come on Mike are you kidding they about as useful as the cross strap! And what's with the badge? Not sure which is worse the stupid gold buttons or the ugly badge. Back to the drawing board!

    1. HAHA, this could be any one of 114 people, lol

  3. A great move, one that should restore pride in a department that has been so maligned during the many scandals attending the rein of Ken Zisa et al.

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