Monday, May 13, 2013

In this age of technology, social media should be used to connect with voters....

In this age of technology, social media should be used to connect with voters, not alienate them.  Unfortunately, neither side in this 2013 Hackensack Municipal Election has used social media to their advantage.  We have seen one side fight with voters through their Facebook page while the other side deleted voter questions and banned users from posting.  It is a shame.

The Citizens for Change ticket led by incumbent LaBrosse has, when asked questions through their Facebook page, called some voters "delusional" and talked down to others insinuating that they were uninformed.  The Coalition for Open Government on the other hand, just deletes questions from their page when they don't want to answer them, they also delete comments when they don't agree with them.

Just this afternoon I posted a picture on both team's Facebook pages.  The picture (seen below) was of their lawn signs side-by-side on a property with a dilapidated building and overgrown weeds.  I asked both sides what they intend to do about these eye sores, especially as the property in question displayed their campaign lawn sign.

The Coalition for Open Government deleted my post, when I reposted and asked why my original post had been deleted I was banned from the page.  See below a screen shot from my Facebook page, I no longer have the right to post.

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The Citizens for Change team on the other hand at least engaged me.  But rather than answering the question they slang mud at the other team and then accused me of supporting the Coalition for Open Government slate.  Talk about winning friends and influencing people.

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Here I am 30 hours from the election with neither side showing why they deserve my vote.  I thought I was going to be voting for two Coalition for Open Government candidates, they absolutely blew it for themselves through their Facebook actions.  The Citizens for Change, well they at least engaged me in a "dialogue."  Unfortunately, they offered nothing of value or substance.  The hardest part for me in this election is that after pouring over all of the literature, researching each candidate, and reading their positions on matters, I cannot pick out five candidates of the eleven that I would trust to run this city.  In a city of 40,000+ residents, is this really the best that we could do?


  1. I'm all over the election on Twitter and Facebook, plus I have been writing about it in "Eye on The Record." Why no mention of my social media presence?

    1. Mr. Sasson,

      I address these candidates' facebook pages. As evidenced by my search for a page for yourself, and your campaign name, you do not have a public campaign page. You do have a personal facebook page, of which I am not your facebook friend, therefore I have no baseline of your interactions with voters to speak of. I do not troll twitter, and did not address twitter in my post. As to your blog, the topic is far more reaching than the issues plaguing Hackensack. If you have a social media outlet that is dedicated to your campaign and interacting with voters, please share it with me and I will revise my post to address it's lack of publicity or ease of finding.

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