Saturday, May 18, 2013



Anyone in the mood for some steak?  Head on down to Choripan Rodizio at 76 Main Street.  You will be greeted by a warm and friendly staff, and the smell of burning wood and roasting delicious fine Argentinian meat.  I visited Choripan shortly after their opening this winter, I keep coming back, and it keeps getting better!

Note- This restaurant is BYOB.  If heading down on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night call ahead and make a reservation!

I am not sure where to start, it is all so good, so let me just start at the appetizers.  You may want to order one of each, if you can, and call it a night....

The empenadas, are delicious.  The beef empanada is made with juicy sliced sirloin, not ground beef, and stuffed with egg and peas.  The "Caprese" empanada is a mozzarella cheese base with tomato and basil, fantastic.

The Matambre Arrollado, an "Argentinian style meat cut with filling" is a cold dish of stuffed meat.  The meat is stuffed with egg, peas, carrot and a breaded stuffing mix.  Served with potato salad, it is enough food for an entree, or at least a big lunch!

The Proveleta is a grilled provolone with ham, olive oil, and oregano.  The presentation is wonderful, it comes in it's own frying pan, and the taste, for you cheese lovers, is even better!

If we go off menu, I had the treat of a carrot salad on my last trip.  Pablo, the owner, said it was a new dish he was trying before introducing it to the menu.  In a lemon and olive oil base this was a real treat. Be sure to ask for it on your trip, if they have it available, it is quite a light and refreshing delight. 

Now, if you have room, on to the main course.  Don't be fooled by the name, Choripan Rodizio offers much more than the traditional "all you can eat" rodizio.  

The skirt steak is seasoned just right and grilled to perfection.  The meat is succulent and juicy, and the chimichurri (a parsley based meat dressing) is a wonderful complement.  Your entree comes with a generous portion of rice and beans, mashed potatoes, french fries, sweet potato fries, or one of a variety of salad choices.

Choripan offers more than meat.  If you are in the mood for something from the sea, the salmon is wood-grilled and served with a generous helping of spinach and mashed potatoes.  The spinach is truly prepared to perfection in light oil and garlic.

If you are in the mood for a tasting, you can get the Parrillada Mixta.  An order for one is more than enough for two to share, an order for two can feed the family.  This mix of Argentinian meats offers something for everyone including sirloin, skirt steak, short ribs, sausage, chicken, and more.  The presentation is unique as it will be prepared on your own coal burning hot plate, it also comes with a generous helping of sides.

Choripan Rodizio has me as a repeat customer, I will be back time and time again. 

Choripan Rodizio 
10 Sussex Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601


  1. Absolutely amazing food, go on an empty stomach you'll be stuffed leaving!

  2. Really great food.. love the wood flavor rodizio!!

  3. Glad you discovered this wonderful "Taste of Argentina". Been going there for a while and feel like I'm back home. Continue to enjoy! Nora

  4. Your standards aren't very high. See:

    1. Different strokes for different folks

  5. Another thing, Steve. When I don't see prices in a "review," it suggests the reviewer was comped and didn't pay for the meal. I hope that wasn't the case here.

    1. Victor, thanks for your continued "lessons" in the literary and culinary arts. You can consider my "reviews" as small business "promotions." I have always encouraged patronizing your local businesses and supporting your community. As I said in my post I am a frequent of this establishment, the thought I would identify myself to the owner/server as a "restaurant reviewer" in hopes of a free meal is laughable. Take it for what it is, a promotion of a local small business.