Monday, July 1, 2013

Hackensack City Council holds reorganization

The newly elected City Council held their reorganization this evening at City Hall.  Tonight we congratulate:

Mayor John LaBrosse
Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino
Police Commissioner David Sims
Councilman Leonardo Battaglia
Councilwoman Rose Greenman

This new council brings promises of change for a better tomorrow in Hackensack.  The Citizens for Change ticket promises for open, transparent government; they vow to include citizens, televise council meetings, and make a more streamlined and ready access to public records under the Open Public Records Act.  

Tonight, a small part of the change has come.  Before I tell you what that change is, let me remind you of a May 17, 2012 letter that I wrote to the then City Council seeking change (this letter is the subject of current litigation as Richard Salkin ((FORMER Municipal Prosecutor, FORMER City Attorney, FORMER Special Counsel)) seems to believe that my truthful statements were defamatory, well he thinks that or he thought his "legal scare" would shut me up).  It looks like tonight marks an 80% for my letter, only one more to go!

The City has, I would say lost but it was not much of a loss, City Attorney Joe Zisa and Municipal Prosecutor Richard Salkin.  Joe Zisa has come under fire as his "no settlement policy" continued to rack up the legal meter to the tune of several million dollars.  Richard Salkin, a long time Zisa ally, was raking in $76,000 per year for a two (half) day a week post as Prosecutor in the Hackensack Municipal Court (he continues to collect in excess of $100,000 per year for his post as Board of Education Attorney). 

It appears that Donald Lenner, another subject of my letter, the City Tax Appeals Attorney is on the way out as well.  The City Council put out a request for qualification seeking a new candidate for his post.  

The only question mark that remains is City Manager Stephen LoIacono.  LoIacono was present at this evenings Council Meeting and sat behind a name plate identifying himself as "City Manager."  It is no secret that I have been a vocal critic of LoIacono charging him with being the "Captain of the Sinking Ship."  It is under his guidance and management that the disastrous lawsuits, indictments, wasteful spending, and shame has been brought to our City.  The residents and tax payers only deserve that his desk be packed in the morning.  

The City Council also put out requests for qualifications seeking a new City Attorney, Assistant Municipal Prosecutor, Public Defender, Assistant Public Defender, Labor Attorney, Bond Counsel, and Consulting Municipal Engineer.  Funny, all of these positions are currently filled with generous supporters of Zisa-Hurwitz PAC's.  

A very interesting fact this evening was the appointment of a new broker of record for City Insurance.  The Scoop is currently investigating who may have had their grubbies in that proverbial cookie jar.  Anyone know a Hackensack politico who makes a living as an insurance broker?  I have my creeping suspicions. 

I wish this new council only the best as they face a number of challenges.  I remind them, and all the residents and tax payers of Hackensack, that I will be there to continue to "keep 'em honest."

Photo credit: Freeholder Maura DeNicola


  1. "There is no growth without change; there is no change without fear or loss; and there is no loss without pain." Rick Warren

  2. I'm a little troubled that reform council members are thinking of giving a public relations post to their former campaign manager. How much does that job pay?