Saturday, July 13, 2013


A recent GroupOn deal, a dinner for four, brought me to this little gem at 12W Mercer St.  Villa de Colombia  is a traditional Colombian restaurant specializing in seafood and steak.

Our GroupOn deal included two appetizers, four entrees, and two desserts.  We chose the Camarones al Ajillo (garlic sautéed shrimp) and the Tostones Villacol (crispy green plantains).   The shrimp were in a delicious, thick, buttery sauce and the Tostones were served with guacamole, sour cream, and a delicious homemade Brochetta.

For dinner, we ordered a main course of the Camarones al Ajillo (garlic sautéed shrimp).  They were just too good not to have seconds.  They were served in a generous helping with white rice.

The Filete Frutos del Mar was a grilled Filet of Flounder topped with mixed seafood in a Lobster Sauce, served with mashed potatoes and rice.  The calamari was slightly chewy (though I am not the best judge, I am not one for calamari anyway but fried!).  The sauce was delicious!

The Tres Mosqueteros (Three Musketeers) came with a generous portion of Skirt Steak, Stuffed Clam, and Sauteed Shrimp, served with steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, and a side of rice.  It was quite the serving of food.  The sauce was plentiful and a delicious lemon butter.   

The best of the evening was the Pollo a Limon.  Similar to a Chicken Francese, a generous portion of chicken and shrimp battered, lightly fried, and served in a lemon sauce.  Served with steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes and a side of rice.  

For dessert the flan was nothing to write home about, but the Mousse de Mango (Mango Mousse) was to die for (and that is a lot to come from me--not a sweets person).  

If you have occasion to visit Villa de Colombia, be sure to.  Though we utilized a GroupOn deal, the menu prices were fair, the portions plentiful, and the food fresh and delicious.  This restaurant is BYOB (though they will make Sangria if you bring the wine!) and note that when tipping, a base 10% tip is automatically added to the bill.


  1. The flan was amazing too, very smooth.

  2. Maybe you should blog about what happened involving FORMER board member Kevon Larkins rather than a restaurant.

  3. Kevon who? That's old news.

  4. Funny how you fail to report ANYTHING about Kevon Larkins, the multiple arrests and his new residency and then his removal from the BOE yet you claim you blog the true stories of Hackensack. Funny how that works out isn't it? Go do something productive.

    1. Direct quote from the about the author section--

      " Likewise he has been frustrated with the lack of attention Hackensack has received from The Bergen Record and what he interprets to be the slanted and self-serving coverage that is provided in The County Seat (a Zisa owned periodical). "

      What more do you want than what was reported in The Record? Their coverage FOR ONCE was quite comprehensive and timely. If you have further information regarding his removal from the BOE or his residency, feel free to use the contact the author feature.