Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vice Principal's lawsuit dismissed..... AGAIN

On June 2nd I published a story regarding the dismissal of Patricia Aquino-Lozano's case against Board of Education Trustee Carol Martinez in Federal Court, you can view it by clicking here.  Aquino Lozano subsequently refiled her case in State Court.

On July 26th, Judge Rachelle Harz dismissed Aquino-Lozano's case with prejudice.  By dismissing the case with prejudice the Judge has barred Aquino-Lozano from bringing any further action relative to these claims.  A Judge will dismiss a matter with prejudice when they have determined that the plaintiff has brought the case in bad faith, has failed to bring the case in a reasonable time, has failed to comply with court procedures, or on the merits after hearing the arguments in court.

The dismissal does not bar Aquino-Lozano from appealing the court's decision.  Is a third bite at the apple imminent?  Will Aquino-Lozano waste more of the court's time? Will more of the tax payer's money be spent in the defense of Trustee Martinez?

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  1. Is this correct, "the defense of Trustee Martinez"?

    I thougt the suit was filed against Martinez?