Sunday, November 10, 2013

Does Write Associates work for the City or the Citizens for Change?

I have written before on Thom "The Curmudgeon" Ammirato and his adept ability to win friends and influence people.  Actually, in his tenure he has been so friendly he has made his way into not one, not two, but three Scoops.  Well, we all know that Ammirato the Citizens for Change paid campaign strategist was hired as a political insider to serve as the city spokesman/public relations consultant.

The city put out a request for qualifications seeking a public relations consultant and received four replies.  You can review all four by clicking the links below.  Based on a review of these qualification statements, who would you have considered?  
Why should the city have even advertised or put out a request for qualification?  It doesn't look to me like the impressive, thorough, and go-getter qualification statement was what landed Ammirato the lucrative contract.  

Many cited possible conflicts of interest that could arise from Ammirato the "Citizens for Change Cheerleader" now serving as the city public relations consultant.  

It appears from the above screenshot of the Citizens for Change facebook page that Write Associates, based out of Caldwell, is managing the Citizens for Change POLITICAL ORGANIZATION facebook page.  Why has this page not been converted to the "Hackensack City Council" or "City of Hackensack" page?  

The election is over, it is time for the Citizens for Change to become the City Council and start working for all of the resident, tax payer, property owner, and business owners' interests.  But no, instead, the Citizens for Change continue to bash the former administration.  The last three posts by the Citizens for Change facebook page have been more focused on the Zisa's and the last administration than what the new council is doing!

Now I as a resident posted on the Citizens for Change facebook page asking why the page APPEARS to continue to be managed by Write Associates who is supposed to be representing the city and not a political slate of candidates' interests.  Rather than getting answers like other residents who asked questions, I was removed from the page and my write to post in the page has been revoked.  

We have already established that the Citizens for Change slate has not exactly turned out to be the end to back room deals and rewards to political insiders that we voted for, but are they First Amendment suppressers too?

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