Thursday, November 21, 2013

More fringe benefits and jobs for political insiders

Rottino given unmarked city car, is an assistant next?

Citizens for Change political insider Anthony Rottino who was hired as the Director of Economic Redevelopment at a $130,000 salary (and brought the baggage of friends and fellow insiders) has been given additional fringe benefits.  Mr. Rottino now has been assigned an unmarked city car, and has requested that he be provided a full time assistant (see email excerpt below).  This $130,000 man appears to have been given the keys to the city.

A new city hire

Another insider to the Citizens for Change, William Russiello has landed a part time city job.

Russiello has been a longtime supporter of the Citizens for Change team.  In the 2009 election, Russiello donated $350 to the CFC (Canestrino and Labrosse were members of that slate).  The CFC team has yet to file their final 2013 election report.

Russiello has been hired as a part time property management inspector.  His position pays $15 per hour.  With all of the professional positions advertised and subsequently filled by this new council, I can only wonder why Mr. Russiello a practicing attorney is given what appears to be such a menial low level job.  Why would a practicing New Jersey attorney be accepting a $15 per hour part time position? Is this a pit stop?

According to Tammy Zucca, the city CFO, the council now has to approve all purchases made by city departments.

Are we in financial trouble?  Here we are with a council micromanaging the purchase of pencils and canceling the purchase of much needed police cars, but they are able to find the funds to create a new position and dole out political favors.  I wonder if Mr. Rottino's car assignment required as many initials as a city purchase order for pencils now does....

With all the political insiders continuing to be rewarded by this new council, I am left only to wonder if there should be a new sign at city hall.....

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  1. Nobody is asking about one of the council wife getting a promotion in the violation dept.making her a deputy court clerk and getting extra$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!