Monday, April 21, 2014

Has the Council declared a Civil War?

At tonight's council meeting, Mayor John Labrosse opened the public portion of the meeting with a statement that Thom Ammirato will no longer be writing press releases or statements for himself or Deputy Mayor Kathy Canestrino. He cites personal reasons, as well as, open questions regarding Ammirato's county employment and the outstanding subpoenas that have been issued to three of Ammirato's employers.

Canestrino was absent from this evenings meeting. Council members Battaglia, Sims, and Greenman did not offer comment on the matter.

When asked if Ammirato's monthly pay of $6,500 would be adjusted for the lighter workload, Interim City Manager Anthony Rottino commented that Ammirato's salary is set by the council. When asked about Ammirato's pay being adjusted, Mayor Labrosse advised "not at this time."

It is clear that after the warnings of many a tax payer, Labrosse and Canestrino may be starting to 'see the light' as it pertains to jumping into bed with your political cronies. I wonder how many back room straw polls went to a 3-2 vote to terminate Ammirato? Or any other political hacks for that matter. I would urge Labrosse and Canestrino to push to have Ammirato's employment put on the agenda.  Bring the matter to a vote and let the council put their positions, and votes, on the record for the public.

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