Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Police Officer leaves complaint against "Commissioner" Sims

Rubbing people the wrong way seems to be becoming common place for Councilman Sims.  Several residents have complained that Sims is using his perceived political power as a member of the council to bully others in the Recreation Department over the use of City buildings and athletic fields.

In September, Sims had an alleged spat with the Institute of Latin American Art and Culture (ICAL) over use of the Civic Center.  In an email to then City Manager Stephen LoIacono, ICAL President Jimena Ladino recounts her experience with Sims, she refers to him as "rude and unprofessional."  Ladino indicates that despite having permission to use the Civic Center from LoIacono, Councilman Sims called Ladino multiple times to inform her that her permission had been revoked as it was his direction that "Dance Revolution" was to use the space.  Sims allegedly told Ladino, "I don't care who you talked to.... I am in charge of the Civic Center."

Ladino went on that when asked to put his position in writing, Sims refused.

Councilman Sims has a funny way of introducing himself...

A Hackensack Police Detective has left a written report alleging inappropriate conduct by Councilman, and "Police Commissioner," David Sims.

This African-American female detective indicates in her report that on April 4, 2014 an unidentified black male approached her in the Hackensack High School parking lot and introduced himself.  Where most gentlemen may say, "Good afternoon, my name is..." Mr. Sims allegedly had a different way of introducing himself on this occasion.  This detective alleges that Mr. Sims stated "I don't think we've met but I wanted to introduce myself to you.  I am the Head Nigga it don't get no higher than me.  Take my business card."  The detective indicates that the business card identified this individual as David E. Sims, "Councilman" and "Police Commissioner."

The officer indicates that upon further research she was able to confirm that the unidentified black male was in fact Councilman Sims.  The officer goes on in her report to state that she "understand[s] some African Americans choose to use the term 'nigga' as a term of endearment" she goes on that she is "appalled that he would feel so comfortable to introduce himself to me as the 'Head Nigga' ... it was a terrible experience..."

Director Mordaga did not answer a request for comment on the matter.  Currently believed to be under investigation spokesman for Sims, Battaglia, and Greenman (Thom Ammirato) has previously made it clear that he does not work with bloggers.


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