Monday, April 28, 2014

Rottino presumably enrolls buddy in City Health Insurance

At their reorganization meeting on July 1, 2013, the council hired Frank Catania, Jr. as the Municipal Prosecutor.  Catania is a longtime friend, business partner, and political donor of now Interim City Manager Anthony Rottino.

Frank Catania, Jr.
Effective December 16, 2013 Catania enrolled himself and his two children in the city's health insurance and dental plans.   The former Municipal Prosecutor, Richard Salkin, was not afforded this perk of fringe benefits. 

The timing of Catania's enrollment is highly questionable as it came mere days after Rottino took over as Interim City Manager.  Perhaps this is another reason for the divide of power as reliable sources who asked to remain anonymous, because of their employment with the City of Hackensack, have revealed that former City Manager Stephen LoIacono refused to enroll Catania when approached.  It is my understanding that under the terms of Mr. LoIacono's separation agreement both he and the city refrain from commenting on matters pertaining to one another, therefore LoIacono was not contacted for comment.

The City of Hackensack is currently under contentious negotiations with its police officers.  The Hackensack Police Department has worked since December 31, 2012 without a contract.  A PBA Local 9 member who wishes to remain anonymous as contract negotiations continue has indicated to The Scoop that a major stumbling block at the negotiation table is health insurance benefits.  This information regarding a part time worker receiving generous benefits from the City of Hackensack undoubtedly puts ice water on the contract negotiations.

Is this how we thank the men and women of our police department who have made a major change in crime rates and improvements to quality of life issues in the last year?  Thank goodness our Class I Fire Department settled their contract before Rottino took a seat at the table.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think that Mr. Catania has a message for the tax payers and residents of Hackensack....


  1. Your new council should read the State's Best Practices Questionnaire.

    A very small percentage of state aid is dependent upon a town's answers each year. #27 asks if your city excludes part-time elected and appointed officials from receiving health coverage.

    Here is a link that every town has to fill out. This one was filled out by Lodi.

    If Hackensack used the State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP), your part-time prosecutor would be prohibited from receiving health benefits. Being Hackensack does not use SHBP, its council should pass an ordinance prohibiting part-time officials and employees from coverage.

    Another thing you should look into is if your city is entering any contracted professionals or part-time employees into PERS. Many people are in there that don't belong in there and they are only removed when citizens raise the issue.

    Marcel Wurms, Lodi's "Special Counsel", was supposedly removed from PERS after I questioned it. Lodi had enrolled others in PERS as well that didn't belong in it.

  2. Mother f*** I'm pissed unbelievable. Think it time to start making calls to the state attorney general.