Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lone Rottino Loyalist--But Why?

Hackensack has long had an "us versus them" political line--the Zisa regime versus the persistent Citizens for Change.  In the past several months we have seen an interesting shift, a uniting of both sides of the political landscape around controversial issues such as the Council's creation of political patronage jobs and placement of political friends to key positions within the City.

Since the May 5th Committee of the Whole meeting, residents, tax payers, and city employees have come by the masses to demand action--mainly the removal of Thom Ammirato and Anthony Rottino from their respective positions, and the reversal of Municipal Prosecutor Frank Catania's controversial health insurance benefits.

In all of the impassioned pleas to the Council, there has been a lone dissenting vocal resident (as they say, there is always one).  Deborah Keeling-Geddis, who served on the transition team for the Citizens for Change slate, has attended and spoke at a number of public meetings in an attempt to discredit other members of the public and bolster Anthony Rottino with long prepared lists of Rottino's "accomplishments" in his short stint as Interim City Manager.  I will refrain from comment on these "lists." For any reasonable person who witnessed or watches her read her "self-prepared list" they will have the same skepticism over her knowledge, sincerity, and whether or not she prepared the list... I will say that my favorite item on the list is "solving the flooding problems on Old Hoboken Road......"

Rottino "solving the flooding problems on Old Hoboken Road......"

When there is one active, vocal, dissenter, you have to wonder--do they know something the rest of us don't?  Well..... I dug a little deeper..... and I think I found an explanation.

Is Deborah Keeling-Geddis serving as the new Hackensack "Head Hunter?"

It appears that Keeling-Geddis has a main line to Anthony Rottino's office, and maybe the Human Resources Department.  Responses to OPRA requests by the City of Hackensack show that Mr. Rottino may have made Keeling-Geddis feel like quite the important lady.  

In November, Rottino was the Director of Economic Redevelopment, he wouldn't have had a say in hiring.  Keeling-Geddis should have known that--she was on the transition team.  She must have been confused when she was trying to get her friend a job and sending their resume to Rottino.  Did this person get a job?  I wonder.... Hackensack thought it appropriate to redact their name and resume.

Need an IT guy?  Keeling-Geddis "has people."  How many? Were more resumes passed to Mr. Rottino?  Were these people hired? Who knows... Hackensack has withheld the identity of these applicants. 

In January, another friend needs a job... Did they get it?  I wonder.... Hackensack has withheld the identity of this applicant.

Keeling-Geddis has a friend who needs a job just this month.  I wonder if they got it?  Hackensack has withheld the identity of this applicant, too.... 

These are just the people Keeling-Geddis knows who need JOBS.  She has submitted a number of applications for Boards in town.  

I bet she feels important.  I bet she feels even more important if she can take the credit as the "power-broker" who got these people their jobs/appointments.  

Sorry if I don't see the sincerity in Keeling-Geddis's sentiments.  Perhaps she is just a little nervous that she won't have such access and say with a REAL City Manager?


  1. Do you feel Rottino is doing a bad job? Let's put aside the remote starter. I agree with your campaign against Ammirato, and I will be applying for his job at half the salary he is being paid.