Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Police got a 22% raise? Don't count on it!


  1. Thank you for this video. Unfortunately politicians and their cronies love to palter. they use this information to pit us against each other. Police,firefighters, teachers. public workers are perfect targets for this kind of propaganda. It puts the blame on hard working men and women who provide service to our communities and away from the elected ones who use government to lone the pockets of their friends.
    I too have seen my take home go down every year for the last 6 years for the same reasons you mentioned above. went from 0 towards helth insurance to almost 800 a month for parent and child the 1% raise never covers the increased premiums

  2. Putting it that way who from the PBA negotiated this contract.....talk about give backs. The video is absolutely right the City made out on this one.

    1. tell us what was given back. NOTHING of value went back

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