Friday, September 26, 2014

COUNTY EXECUTIVE RACE: Donovan Breaks Campaign Law Using Taxpayer Funds to Advertise, Dems Demand Reimbursement

Bergen County Executive Kathe Donovan admitted to breaking the law for issuing a county-printed newsletter less than 90 days before Election Day.  The newsletter  mentions her name 27 times and carried 8 photos, it was nothing less than a promotional piece.  Under state law, that is not allowed so Donovan was forced to reimburse Bergen County $800 for the printing costs of the newsletter.


Democrats are calling on Donovan to also reimburse the county for the staffing hours it took to produce the newsletter.  According to governmental records, five county employees worked on the newsletter.


“Kathe Donovan has a long history of using taxpayer dollars to fund her campaigns,” said Derek Sands, executive director for the Democratic Committee of Bergen County.  “She has only agreed to reimburse the county for the cost of the newsletter but she should also reimburse the county for the many hours it took her employees to produce the newsletter on taxpayer time.  Donovan’s track record of breaking the law for campaign purposes has to stop.  Last quarter’s taxpayer funded newsletter mentioned Donovan's name 17 times.”