Monday, September 8, 2014

ONLY ON THE SCOOP: Suspect Allegedly Disarms and Assaults Hackensack Police Captain

Mario Querubin, 21, of Hackensack has been charged with disarming and assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest and hindering apprehension.

On September 3rd, Captain Nicole Foley was driving on Oak Street when she observed a man sleeping in a parked vehicle.  When Foley approached the vehicle to perform a welfare check, she was faced with a combative and argumentative Querubin.

Querubin exited the vehicle while threatening Captain Foley.  Foley attempted to strike with her baton when Querubin disarmed her, a struggle ensued.  Police Officers Robert Ghirardi and Michael Koenig arrived on scene and were able to subdue Querubin after discharging OC (pepper) spray.

Captain Foley subsequently learned that Querubin had an active warrant for contempt of court and failure to appear in Teaneck Municipal Court.  Foley signed complaints against Querubin for: hindering apprehension, obstruction of a government function, disarming a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest.

A big Hackensack Scoop SHOUT OUT to Officers Ghirardi and Koenig for not only their assistance of Captain Foley in a time of need but their assistance in effectuating this arrest. 


  1. couple of questions on this story.
    1. what was a Captain doing checking on an occupied suspicious auto ?
    2. was the call dispatched by headquarters ?
    3. why did she reach to strike him ?
    4. has anyone listened to the audio tape of her hysterical screaming ?

    Got a feeling this is going to cost Hackensack a pretty penny.

    Nicole, you are a screw up and should not be in a command position.

  2. She is a good and smart officer but she is small and that puts her in a compromised situation when she has to handle this kind of call.

  3. I find it amazing how people so readily assume that the police officer is at fault??? I know there have been cases of police brutality but do we have to paint all police officers with the same brush? Do you know how many good officers there are out there?

    1. You are right but the question is do you know how many dirty cops are out there above the law?