Sunday, October 19, 2014

COUNTY EXEC RACE: Tedesco Claims Donovan Ran False Attack Ad, Files Suit Against County Executive

Jim Tedesco, the Democratic candidate for Bergen County Executive, today hosted a news conference to address the slanderous television commercial and mass mailing issued by Kathe Donovan.  He also highlighted the success of the affordable housing facility and how it benefits dozens of local families.

“Kathe Donovan released a television commercial and mailing which contains absolute lies and misinformation,” said Tedesco.  “She knew these were lies and yet she chose to release it anyway.  Bergen County deserves better.  We need a County Executive who tells the truth and works hard to help people instead of someone like Kathe who is dividing the county and litigating public policy.”

On Friday, Tedesco filed a defamation suit against Donovan and the Republican State Committee for deliberately promoting false accusations and lies when they said Tedesco “lost over $3.6 million worth of our tax dollars through illegal financial activities.”

Paramus used $3.6 million of COAH funds, which come from developer’s fees and not tax dollars, to build Parkview Residences on Ann Court – a project that was completed in partnership with the county and the state.  The facility contains a total of 48 affordable housing units for low to moderate income families.

Adding insult to injury, Donovan also criticized Tedesco for not paying his taxes.  The fact of the matter is that when Tedesco’s wife was in need of a double lung transplant and dying, the family lost sight of a $500 bill that was later paid.  Tedesco says these lies and insensitive remarks are proof that Kathe Donovan is "willing to say anything regardless of the truth in an attempt to win an election."


  1. politics is sad If this is true, the part about using an oversight in paying 1 bill while his wife was dying, then my mind has been made up No elected position on the planet should be worth exploiting a difficult time in someone else's life.

  2. Donovan and her crew are not what can be called good, stand up people. Donovan has been on a rather nasty defensive for some period of time, and when people get desperate, they get even more nasty. This is a nasty group and all that can be said is Donovan must go. Vote the other ticket if you wish change.

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