Thursday, October 30, 2014

Donovan's Army (Bergen County Police) Attempt to Continue to Violate Citizens' Civil Rights

On October 23, 2014, Bergen County Sheriff's Officer Romero attempted to enter the Bergen County administration building to attend a breakfast honoring county employees.  Romero is an 11 year veteran of the Bergen County Sheriff's Department and supporter of James Tedesco who is up for election for the office of Bergen County Executive on November 4th.  Romero was denied access to the building by Bergen County Police Officer William Pepard and Bergen County Security Officer James Giblin because he was wearing a shirt supporting Tedesco. 

Giblin and Pepard have contended that the county administration building is a polling place and according to Title 19 political advertisements can not be displayed within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place. 

Romero filed a lawsuit today claiming his civil rights and constitutionally protected right to free speech had been violated.

Community activist Bill Brennan went to the county administration building today donning his "Tedesco for County Executive" regalia and the Bergen County Police attempted to stop him from entering the building.  They detained him and threatened to charge him with a disorderly persons offense.... Until of course Bill Brennan steam rolled the opposition with the facts and the law.  Brennan demanded an opinion from the Superintendent of Elections.

The Superintendent of Elections, Patricia Dicostanzo, offered the final word on the matter.  Though the county administration building is a place where voters can cast their vote, it is only a polling place on election day.  Dicostanzo advised that she confirmed the same with the Assistant Attorney General.

Question--WHERE IS COUNTY COUNSEL?!?! Four Sheriff's Officers were denied access to the building because of their political speech and one resident was unlawfully detained and questioned? All this because they were voicing their support of a candidate for office?  Good job! What is this going to cost the taxpayers of Bergen County?!?

The Bergen County Police Department is clearly wrong and has continued to attempt to deny residents their constitutionally protected rights to free speech in this highly controversial election season (that by the way they have a vested interest in the outcome of as the merger of their department is the most hotly debated items between the candidates).  


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  3. You may want too update your information on this.

  4. Lol at the end of this long video a Donovan commercial popped up.