Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SCOOP SHOUT OUT: Hackensack Police Officers DeLeon, Meneses, and Jacobsen Receive Commendations

Tonight, the residents of Hackensack are reminded what a wonderful Police Department we have. Officers Allan Deleon, Edmund Meneses, and Matthew Jacobsen received commendations for their heroism and courageous actions.  

On November 5th, Officers DeLeon and Meneses responded to a report of a man breaking into cars on the Esplanade near Heath Place.  When arriving on scene, the officers were faced with a 6 foot 5 inch and 250 pound man wielding a knife.  It was later learned that the suspect was attempting to commit "suicide by cop."  Officer DeLeon distracted the man and deployed OC spray while Officer Meneses subdued and handcuffed the man.  The officers received commendations for their courageous acts and quick thinking which allowed them to avoid the use of lethal force.  

Officer Jacobsen was recognized for his heroism in coming to the aid of an unconscious victim.  Jacobsen saved the victim's life by performing CPR until the arrival of EMS.  

Congratulations to Officers Deleon, Meneses, and Jacobsen! 


  1. Deleon is also a dishonest man.. A.L.