Monday, August 3, 2015

First Candidate Files for November Special Election for City Council

On November 3, 2015 there will be a special election to fill the vacancy on the Hackensack City Council created by the resignation of Rose Greenman.  A seat temporarily occupied by Jason Some who was appointed by the council in a "fair, open, and transparent" process.  

The first candidate for Council has formally announced their bid for the open seat.  Jason Nunnermacker, a frequent critic of the current administration filed his nomination petition for the election with more than two times the required signatures (189) to run.  

Jason has deep Hackensack roots.  He is a graduate of Hackensack High School, is a current Trustee of the Board of Education (a post he has held since 2012) and is the current President of the Board.  Jason also serves as a Trustee of the Hackensack Blue and Gold Scholarship Fund and a member of the Hackensack Troast Athletic Club.  

Jason feels that "a person should have a proven track record of dedication, talent, common sense and commitment to open, honest, and ethical government.  My service to the people of Hackensack demonstrates these qualities and is a record of which I am proud."  Jason went on that he is "a voice, not an echo," and is running to be an independent voice who is "not afraid to speak up and provide constructive criticism to point out errors and mistakes" on the Council.  Jason says that "during the past 2 years [he has] observed serious blunders made by this City Council."  Jason pledges to voters to "give the best of my ability to make it a better place to live, work, and raise our children."