Saturday, October 31, 2015

Council Candidate Receives Endorsement, or Does She?

Council-Candidate, though she hasn't gone to either candidates night and is absent from Council meetings to voice her concerns (other than to beat up our Police Department and to attempt to cripple our finances), Deborah Keeling-Geddis has received the endorsement of the Hackensack Education Association.  Or has she? I can't really figure it out....

Deborah Keeling-Geddis is featured in an article published on Bergen Dispatch for having received the endorsement of the Hackensack Education Association.  In the article, a quote is presented from HEA President Chris Ryan.  Ryan says, "The HEA is proud of Deborah Keeling Geddis' commitment to our community both in school and now with her candidacy to serve the entire Hackensack population. Few step up to such challenges, and we are happy to see one of our own offer herself as willing to take on the challenge of elected public office. We commend Debbie and wish her all the luck in her campaign."

The quote reads more like a non-committal kind word than an endorsement. Of the "endorsement," Chris Ryan, the HEA President said: "The HEA has a policy of not endorsing candidates for city office. Since Debbie is one of our members, we offered the statement applauding her efforts, expressing our pride that a member would want to be involved in serving the city, and encouraging any of our other members to serve if they hear the call. But that pride and that praise should not be considered an endorsement. However, we continue to be happy for Debbie, and we continue to applaud her efforts, as we do many others who are running for city office. It is true that that I made that statement for her, and I have made positive comments about Jason Nunnamaker as well. And I'm sure if I knew the other candidates well I would be complementing them too. But praise, while sometimes noteworthy, is not an endorsement." 

A request for comment from Keeling-Geddis also went un answered.  A link to the article has been removed from Keeling-Geddis' Facebook page and replaced with "I'm proud to have the support of my union, the Hackensack Education Association, behind me." I am still not seeing the statement of support, but maybe Keeling-Geddis does.  Well I commend all four candidates for getting involved in the political process and I wish them all the best of luck on Tuesday.  Did I just endorse everyone?

This wouldn't be the first time that Keeling-Geddis misunderstood or misrepresented facts.  Remember when she went to Trenton to try to stop the Finance Board from approving a bond ordinance and misrepresented facts about the police contract negotiations?

While the article that I believe misrepresents the HEA's statement has been removed from Keeling-Geddis' Facebook page, a poster "Sachem Oratam" has taken to Keeling-Geddis' page with their comments.  Sachem Oratam contends that the HEA does not issue endorsements and chastises Keeling-Geddis for misrepresenting the HEA's statement.  Sachem Oratam goes on to criticize Keeling-Geddis' affiliation with ousted members of the administration and questions her motives for running for office which Sachem feels are to further her agenda of politics, favors, and patronage jobs.  Needless to say these comments were removed from Facebook, but Hackensack Scoop has provided them below.  For more on Keeling-Geddis' past attempts at patronage jobs and how this bid is nothing more than a sour grapes attempt to regain a seat at the round table after being turned away by the Citizens for Change, click here. 


  1. She used the union on her flyer but there is no union bug on it.

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  3. After the Dispatch article came out and was promptly removed by DKG's Facebook page, word is that the ensuing outrage among members sparked an email from the union president (to whom that statement of well-wishing is attributed) specifically clarifying that no endorsement was given to her or any of the other candidates in the race. To then double-down on deception is a laughably poor attempt at PR by a hapless, desperate and rather oddly absent campaign. But it's par for the course when it comes to her antics.

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