Thursday, November 5, 2015

No Shave November

For the month of November I have put down my razor.  Symbolic of the hair that many cancer patients lose during treatment, I am going to let mine grow wild and free for the month of November.  I'll put my razor down, if you will help support great causes by visiting my fundraising page.  I have opted to do my fundraising efforts through the Matthew Hill Foundation which was started by 8 siblings who lost their father to colon cancer in November of 2007.  They use the funds raised through their Foundation to help support cancer patients, fund research, and promote screening and prevention through the funding of four amazing charities: the American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Please click here to visit my fundraising page and learn more about No Shave November and the Matthew Hill Foundation. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Mayor Labrosse Issues Lie Filled Endorsement for Jason Some

Maybe you received a phone call this evening from John Labrosse endorsing his candidate, Jason Some.  If you didn't, better for you to not have to be subjected to the continued lies and misinformation presented by the present council.

Nunnermacker has called upon the Some campaign to publicly renounce the robo-call and upon Mayor Labrosse to issue a full retraction.  Nunnermacker's campaign stated, "we call upon Jason Some and Mayor Labrosse to PUBLICLY renounce the robo-call made today which contained accusations and statements that were simply not true.  Mr. Some and Mr. Nunnermacker agreed to run a civil campaign on the issues and to break that promise on election eve is simply not acceptable.  While we thank Mr. Some for his private apology, that is simply insufficient.  The citizens of Hackensack deserve more, they deserve a voice, not an echo."

Hackensack Scoop contacted Jason Some for a comment.  Despite receiving a read receipt 46 minutes prior to publishing this article, requests for comment were not returned.

The Citizens for Change, issued a robo-call to residents of Hackensack endorsing their candidate Jason Some for the 2015 Special Election to fill a vacant seat on the Council.  The robo-call was a recording of Mayor John Labrosse.  The robo-call attacks Jason Nunnermacker and Deborah Keeling-Geddis calling them "candidates backed by the Zisa-Hurwitz regime."  What Labrosse fails to mention is that his candidate, Jason Some, is a good friend of the Zisa family (as Some admitted to the Bergen Record in August 2015), is backed by the same political donors as the Zisa's (the Sorce family who has donated in excess of $17,500 to Charles "Ken" Zisa's campaigns has donated $2,600 to Some), and that through Some's relationship with the Zisa family he has an agenda to serve as a "bridge builder" between the Zisa's and the council (as reported in the Bergen Record in August 2015).  In fact, Labrosse "broke bread" with Joe Zisa, former City Attorney, at a Some campaign event on October 26th.  

Jason Some with Joe Zisa at a campaign event on October 26th

Labrosse's recording not only fails to mention the distinct Zisa ties of his own candidate Jason Some but makes stark misrepresentations of Nunnermacker.

First, Labrosse opens by stating "Nunnermacker recently became the Board of Education President and already wants out, our schools are busting at the seams and he has no answers for the taxpayers." Jason Nunnermacker consistently throughout (and before) his campaign has cited the per pupil costs of education in Hackensack and chastised the sitting council for not adequately considering the stress that development will have on the Board of Education budget and classroom needs when they authorize 30 year tax abatements for developers.  Nunnermacker has consistently asked for a liaison to be appointed for communication and collaboration between the Board of Education and City Council to no avail.  Contrary to Labrosse's claims, if anything Jason Nunnermacker is running for council to strengthen the dialogue between the Council and Board of Education to put the needs of our community before the short sighted cash flow needs that the sitting council considers.

Labrosse goes on to say "Nunnermacker has filed a $2.5 million lawsuit by a former city employee against the tax payers of Hackensack, this is surely a conflict of interest for someone looking to serve the tax payers."  Well Mr. Labrosse is correct, Mr. Nunnermacker as an attorney and on behalf of his client has filed a lawsuit against the City of Hackensack.  What he does not mention is that the lawsuit was brought by a city employee who was accused by your Citizens for Change of some sort of soap opera KGB espionage, was called a "coiled snake," had her love life mocked in city council emails that were made public, had her daily lunches and breaks recorded so that the council could scrutinize who she ate with (yes, literally), and was cornered in her office by two council members to be belittled and berated.  Of the Heck Lawsuit, Nunnermacker states, "if the mayor and his council would treat city employees with the respect and dignity they deserve without regard to perceived political affiliation, no lawsuits would be filed against his administration. I of course would stop representing my client and she will retain alternative counsel should I have the fortune of serving the residents as a councilman.  I would also recuse myself from any future action regarding the matter as Councilman Labrosse did when his wife collected $75,000 from the taxpayers."