Thursday, April 14, 2016

Zisa Aligned "Team Hackensack" Endorses Deserter and Alleged Boisterous Bully for Board of Education

The Zisa Aligned PAC "Team Hackensack," which is self described as seeking to "participate in every aspect of Hackensack life: educational, governmental, civic, and political" has endorsed three candidates for the Board of Education.  These Zisa candidates are Modesto Romero, Johanna Calle, and Timothy Hoffman.  Modesto Romero and Timothy Hoffman are longtime allies of the Zisa family having both previously served on the Board of Education with Zisa backing.  The third candidate, Calle, is the live-in partner of the Chairman of "Team Hackensack" who recently lost (overwhelmingly) his bid to take over the Hackensack teachers' union (Hackensack Education Association).

Former Mayor Jack Zisa, brother of disgraced Ex-Chief Ken Zisa, serves as the "organization's" Treasurer 

Hoffman disappears from Board, chooses Zisa's in political rift

Well, Hoffman is kind of a longtime ally.  There was of course his brief hiatus from Zisaville when he flirted with the idea of remaining aligned with the offshoot faction of reformers, formerly loyal to the Zisa regime.  Insiders have advised HACKENSACK SCOOP Hoffman turned his back and went back to the Zisa's with hopes of advancement past the Board after feeling shunned when he was not considered for the chance to run for a vacant council seat this past year.  I can see how a naive young aspiring politician, who ultimately will want to seek higher public office, and potential public employment, can be sucked in by the charisma of the ever-tan Jack Zisa.  But like I said, naiveté at its best.  Remember, the moth drawn to the shiny blue light.... well he generally gets burned.  Going "all-in" on a ship wreck such as the Zisa name is a bold move that one can only hope for his sake pays off, as if not reelected his trust and loyalty are seriously in question by future handlers for higher level office.

Unfortunately more than just political shifts render Hoffman a no vote for me.  This past summer Hoffman's eagerness and hard work paid off when he landed a wonderful summer internship in Washington, D.C. pursuing his passions, and gaining experience.  Unfortunately, he literally disappeared from his responsibility to the Board of Education for three months missing over 750 votes at the Board.  I understand that this young eager beaver needs to gain experience and pursue his passions in a hope to form a career, however the Board of Education has a long standing policy allowing Trustees to telephone conference the meeting and participate and vote by phone.  Hoffman did not exercise these rights.  His place on the Board of Education is unfortunately no more than a resume builder and I can not endorse, or vote for, a candidate who would abandon his post not making his presence on the Board an absolute priority.  If Hoffman does not have the time and focus to concentrate on our children, he has no place on the Board.  Our children and the Board of Education are NOT resume builders to be used as a stepping stone to higher office.

But I digress... on to the point of the article.....

Romero in schools "compromises the safety and well-being" of school communities  

Romero, who has a colored past as a Board Trustee formerly served as Vice President of the Board. Unfortunately, his tenure on the Board was marked with divisiveness and controversy as he allegedly often let the title "Board of Education Trustee" go to his head, and give him a false sense of power.  Public records obtained by HACKENSACK SCOOP document incidences where Modesto Romero harassed, intimidated, and bullied public school employees, using his title in an attempt to receive preferential treatment.  Further, in these records a former district Principal advised the Superintendent that Romero's ongoing presence in her school (if allowed) compromised "the safety and well-being of the Hillers community."  

On March 10, 2010, Dr. Padovano (Principal of Hillers School), wrote a letter to Superintendent Ed Kliszus.  In the letter, Dr. Padovano memorializes at least two occasions where Modesto Romero interrupted her school causing scenes, using profanities in front of teachers, students, and parents, and creating an unsafe environment for a school.  On March 9, 2010 Romero allegedly barged into the main office with a parent seeking to enroll their child in the school.  Apparently there was an issue with documentation submitted by this parent and in the secretary's detailed account of the incident Romero screamed "this is bullshit and this bullshit is going to stop. I am Vice President of the Board."    Romero allegedly repeated this three times while pounding his fist on the desk.  The secretary described Romero as "bullying, rude, and disrespectful." 

Dr. Padovano's letter explains that this is not the first time that Romero behaved in such a manner and that he routinely refuses to follow district policies of wearing his identification badge and signing into the building.  On a prior occasion, Romero allegedly walked into his son's classroom unannounced and berated the teacher in front of students.  Padovano's letter states that on more than one occasion Romero has indicated that "he is the Vice President of the Board and will have her job."  

The letter goes on to state that Romero continued to harass teachers, secretaries, the assistant principal, and was frightening students.  Padovano concluded advising that Romero's ongoing presence in her school (if allowed) compromised "the safety and well-being of the Hillers community."  

When asked about Romero's past, the candidates' Facebook page apologized for my confusion and denied that such incidents have ever occurred indicating it must not be the same Modesto Romero.  Has more than one Modesto Romero served on our Board?

We have seen what harassment, intimidation, and bullying have cost our City.  More than $6,000,000 for Ken Zisa's charades and countless new lawsuits for the ongoing harassment perpetuated by our new council.  

First question to you the reader and voter, can the Board of Education afford a liability of a power hungry wild card such as Modesto Romero?

Second question to you the reader and voter, can you in good conscience support someone to be a guiding force in setting policy in our schools and being a role model to our youth with a hot temper and history such as this?  A district Principal's very words that Romero's presence in our school's compromises the safety and well-being of our children.

Third question to you the reader and voter, can you in good conscience vote for a slate of candidates that would associate with, and support, Modesto Romero?


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