Monday, August 6, 2018

Sims and Battaglia Antics Cost Taxpayers over $500,000!

Remember this scoop from September of 2014?  It outlined the harassment and threats of retaliation that were being experienced by DPW and Sanitation workers by council members Dave Sims and Leo Battaglia. If you missed it, or need a refresher, take a few minutes to read it--it is unbelievable the bullying antics those two were (and reportedly are still) up to. 
This could be the only explanation......

Well the complaints went unresolved, the harassment continued, and it eventually lead to a lawsuit filed by two employees, James Murrell and Christopher Haw, against the City of Hackensack and Councilmen Sims and Battaglia in their official capacities.  The suit was quietly settled in late July for.... are you sitting down?.... $500,000! And that doesn't include the legal fees the City spent defending the two "Councilmen" (oh, but there is more coming on legal fees--a story is in the works, because in terms of lawsuits and legal fees, this council makes the Zisa crew they so continue to criticize look like altar boys).  As a part of the settlement, Murrell retired from the City effective August 1st.

And to think there is any validity to the rumors that Personnel Director Simeon Cumberbatch has been pushed out to make a position for the current Assistant City Manager in an effort to have Battaglia hired to the Assistant City Manager post...... Imagine the havoc he would cause if he ACTUALLY had an ounce of power over the day to day operations of the City and employees.  I would say such a move would be so shameless it couldn't be possible, but then again they gave his wife a 21% raise, then when it was reversed, gave it back! Shameless may just be Battaglia's middle name....

August 1 just came, as you write your quarterly property tax checks, ask yourself if this is what you signed on for when you bought a home in Hackensack.  We as residents and taxpayers deserve better!

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