Wednesday, May 13, 2015

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: Councilwoman Greenman Files Suit

Former Councilwoman Rose Greenman has filed a civil suit in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. Greeman is suing the City of Hackensack, Mayor John Labrosse, Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino, Richard Salkin, Art Koster, and Al Borelli in their individual and professional capacities.

Rose Greenman

In her complaint, Greenman alleges that she was discriminated against based upon her national origin, ethnicity, and Jewish faith, which led to her resignation from the council last month.

Despite Labrosse having led the ticket for the slate of candidates that swept into office in May of 2013, Greenman alleges that shortly after the election Labrosse told Greenman that he was “going to make [Plaintiff’s] life a living hell,” because she was “not a real Hackensackian, not a real American.” The claim is actually comical considering that Labrosse ran on the same slate as Greenman, in fact he led the ticket, just a few short months before the alleged comments were made.

Greenman goes on to state that Labrosse refused to allow a rabbi to be present at the swearing in ceremony because a rabbi would make the event “boring.” Greenman alleges that Labrosse has a dislike for members of the Jewish faith because he owned a fish market in Teaneck that failed as it was not kosher certified and the large Jewish population of Teaneck would therefore not shop at his establishment.

Greeman goes on to state that at a political function held at a church, Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino stated “the holy water will make you fizzle and melt into a puddle of scum.” On a separate event Canestrino allegedly criticized the display of Hanukkah decorations stating “who cares about Hanukkah anyway.”

Greenman goes on to accuse Canestrino of posing as an online forum poster “Ethel Rosenberg” and criticizing Greenman. Ethel Rosenberg was an infamous American-Jewish woman executed for conspiracy to commit espionage for the Soviet Union, “moreover, the online comment…questioned whether plaintiff was a ‘Manchurian candidate…’ planted…by the ‘KGB.”

Greenman accuses Canestrino and Labrosse of blocking Councilman David Sims (the second highest vote getter) from being Deputy Mayor due largely to his color. Greenman states that the pair repeatedly referred to Sims as “dumb” and “stupid” and stated they would rather have constituents (which she alleges they called “Niggers”) riot than name Sims the Deputy Mayor.

In August of 2014 the City Council passed a resolution ending the payment of health insurance benefits for council members and part-time workers. Greenman alleges that this was a retaliatory act for her attendance and vocal opposition of a bond ordinance (and bashing of the PBA) at a Department of Consumer Affairs hearing in Trenton. Greenman alleges that this was done to target her as she was the only member of the council affected by the decision as all other members of the council received tax payer funded insurance through their own employment, or their spouses’ employment at the city or board of education.

Greenman goes on to accuse Al Borelli of intimidation and improper use of city zoning laws to harass and intimidate her regarding her allegedly improper use of her apartment as a registered place of business. A violation cited by residents Richard Salkin and Jason Nunnermacker.

In an ironic twist of fate, Richard Salkin (who as a public official sued me for defamation) is named as a defendant and charged with defamation (by this public official) due to his comments calling Rose Greenman a “sociopath” and law breaker. In response, Salkin states “Rose Greenman’s lawsuit is beyond frivolous. I expect it will be dismissed in short order. As a taxpayer I can only hope that the City does not reward this nonsense with any kind of settlement.”

Requests for comment from Labrosse and Canestrino were unanswered.

Of the suit, resident Regina Dipasqua says “this complaint is the definition of frivolous…sanctions are in order for her and [her attorney] for wasting government resources on this.” Dipasqua says the case is full of he said-she said and “she has a real proof problem with these allegations.” Dipasqua went on that “I certainly hope nobody is going to consider settlement.”

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  1. I've seen how Rose operates first hand with incendiary false accusations with blatantly false testimony under oath and that even still has a law license is the real miscarriage of justice. To put it even more succinctly, she's a bald faced liar and a narcissist.